Direct Mail Advertising Rewards

Ever wonder what direct mail can do for you?

Direct Mail is full of Rewards!

Direct mail can:

  • Generate sales.
  • Bring in foot traffic.
  • Build recognition or brand awareness.
  • Acquire new customers or referrals.
  • Upgrade customer service.
  • Respond to competitors.
  • Support other marketing initiatives, such as newspaper or radio ads.
  • Build customer loyalty by rewarding top-tier customers.
  • Expand your market to a wider audience.
  • Test the appeal of new products or services.
  • Deliver company news such as upcoming sales or a branch opening.
  • Act as a warm-up for later cold calls.
  • Stimulate higher purchases from existing customers.

A recent survey completed by the United States Postal Service
found that the top three reasons for increased frequency of direct mailers were company growth or expansion, change of strategy, and introduction of a new product.

Author: Joanna L. Krotz

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