Postal Systems ReDesign

As some of may know, and most of you probably won't,
Postal Systems Inc. has been around since 1994!

That's 15 years of Direct Mail Services!

Unfortunately while striving to provide the best customer service, quality workflow, newest equipment and best technologies available we left our website back in 1994.(Well, maybe not 1994 more like 1999 but still...)

Now you might ask: How did Postal Systems survive / get new customers without the help of the internet?

The answer is simple...
1.We provide the best mailing services possible.
2.Our customers love us.
3.Those customers come back and also refer new customers to us.

Now over the past 15 years that has been working great for us, but 2009 is a new year!

For starters Postal Systems now has this blog.

We also now have a twitter page: PostalSystems on Twitter

The next big announcement is we are redesigning our website!
Our site is currently being done up with some
valid html, css, javascript (mootools) and all the ajax functionality your heart desires! Plus we are moving to a new server for blazing fast page views.

The new should be up within the end of Feb 09,
but here is a special sneek peek.

Here's the design so far, let me know what you think!

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